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Hi my Lovelies,

Once upon a Time, a young woman of 31 years hold found out she was passionate by make up and fashion. She had a dark past so she tried to forget about it by diving into the fashion and beauty world. All those glitters and beautiful pieces helped her to keep on dreaming.

In the clothes she worn, she found comfort and warmth, she also found redemption and freedom cause she was able to tell feelings by the way she dressed, she could also enjoy and have fun with her outfits. With make up, she could turn into tinker bell, a movie star or a ghost within few minutes, and she could do so for an hour, an afternoon or a day or forever if she wanted to.

This woman is me, and today i want to share my passion with you guys, because i want create light from the darkness of my life.

In here, I am gonna talk about make up, fashion and lifestyle, but also about my fears, my doubts and my life in general. And maybe, one day, I am gonna tell you my story.

Talk to you very soon my lovelies,

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Hi, I am a 31 years hold woman, who decided to share her love for fashion and makeup.

I love to try new products and comment on then to let you know my impressions about. I also do love travels and good food and I am gonna take you with me on this journey. Get ready for a lot of adventures Xo Xo

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